Did I mention that our travel trailer is small?  Very small?  And that there are 5 of us, plus 2 (granted small) dogs and a cat?  And that we are not on vacation, but living here?  Space is ALWAYS an issue.  Or rather lack of space, that is. 

 On my Pollyanna days, when I try hard to find the upside to being downsized, I can find these good points about a lack of space:

  • It requires you to strip down to the bare necessities- want to declutter your life?  Try a week in a trailer and you’ll be jettisoning possessions right and left.  Constantly tripping over things is a good motivator to remove those things.  A grand total of a 3-inch strip of ‘counter space’ will wean you of your need for fancy kitchen appliances.  We have no toaster, no blender, no food processor, no slow cooker, no rice cooker, and no – believe it or not- no coffee maker.  Thankfully we have a microwave!  Each child has one box in which to keep his or her toys and possessions and these boxes are stored on the bookshelf, along with our paltry library and a box of art supplies.
  • Lack of space means you attend to your household chores promptly.  Trash goes out daily, if not more often.  Dishes are done and stored as soon as the meal is finished.  Ideally- if they aren’t you don’t have use of the sink.  Laundry, well, laundry is a problem.  Try as I might to get the kids to keep clean clothes in the drawer and dirty ones in the laundry bag, socks still accumulate under the table and in available corners. 
  • It brings you close to loved ones.  And that’s real nice.  For a few hours. OK, I’m hard pressed to be much of a Pollyanna about being inescapably endlessly intimate with 4 other people, even if they are my kids.  I value privacy and time to myself.  I require it to maintain my equanimity and affability!  I ‘m a bit lacking in these qualities at the moment.  

 Do we sound like we are all shipshape?  We aren’t. Things are stored in odd places (boxes of canned food in the storage space under my bed, my eBay listings and mailing supplies in the ‘walk around’ space around the bed, the cat box under a dinette seat (believe me that gets cleaned often)). We are constantly tripping over things, stepping on hot wheel cars and homework sheets, moving things from one surface to another to create a useable space, sorting through the dishes in the sink for a fork to wash and use, and laundry bags and recycling fill the bathtub. We get cabin fever and we aren’t always very nice to each other. We are neophyte RVers.