Vampires are all the rage these days on-screen and in novels.  Not being a teenaged girl I don’t see the attraction and my own personal  experience with a bloodsucker is considerably less romantic.  I’m talking about my bank (of course) – which actually belongs to that supposedly more benign form of money lender- a credit union.  For months I’ve been stymied in my banking and dealing with bills for services that I no longer use and have repeatedly tried to cancel (the newspaper for one).  While I try to watch my meager budget carefully I’m often blindsided by some long ago authorized charge suddenly hitting my account.  When that happens – as it did recently for the newspaper bill (which I’ve now canceled 3 times) and my account is down to the few dollars I have left after budgeted expenses, the credit union dings my account $25.  Over this past holiday weekend that started a free fall as other checks hit and new $25 dollar fees were added.  It completely sucked up the check I had deposited on Friday (but on which there was a hold for 3 days) to cover expected costs.  Arrgggh! It’s impossible to get ahead here.  This is my life- being dragged facedown over gravel.

California is the land of vanity plates.  If I had one it would say HNDBSKT.