We had to move our trailer again today – when we returned from our 72-hr pullout the only open space was one of the larger ones – nice but not for our little trailer, at least not for long.  As soon as a smaller space opened we had to move.  So today, once the kids were in school, we shifted the trailer half a block to the small space at the end of the street. For the most part ‘community’ in the RV Park is limited to the friendly wave or nod when you pass each other on the way to the dumpster or laundry room.  But every once in awhile it goes a bit farther and you engage in conversation and even reach out a helping hand to each other.  That stood us in good stead today as another tenant at the park moved us – free of charge (which is nice because some people have been charged $100 just to have their rig moved from one spot to another) and helped us get hooked back up (every time you move you disconnect water, sewer, and electric systems, and turn off propane, wind up the jacks… it’s a process and if you don’t do it regularly you have to remind yourself not to unplug the electricity before pulling in the partial slide!).  Another tenant lent me her level so we could make sure we were level enough to put the slide out (we had one but my young son worked his magic on it and I couldn’t find it).  And yet another helped restart the water heater (oh, yeah – it’s got to be reconnected to the battery) and promises to come back later to help figure out why the oven doesn’t work.  So we are ‘settled’ in for the rest of the month at least and perhaps longer. 

I’m hoping it’s just the rest of the month and this is why – I’ve applied to be a campground host at the local state park.  If we get the “job” (completely volunteer- no money involved) we will get a free campsite that includes a much larger spot, a picnic table and fire ring.  Water, electricity and sewer hook ups are included (no internet sadly).  The job is a ‘natural resources’ host  – which means I’d spend a certain amount of time each week helping to protect endangered shore bird nesting habitat in exchange for our camp spot and the position could last as long as 5 months.  It could limit my ability to collect unemployment but the rent savings would be great and the additional space would make it easier to undertake the floor replacement project.  It’s not a sure thing by any means – in fact I have the impression that it might not come through because the park administration would prefer a host without children – but I should know next week.  If we get it, it will be worth the hassle of shutting down, pulling out and setting back up again!  Especially as the visit to the dentist yesterday revealed my middle daughter needs a root canal to deal with the cavity in her permanent molar.