A couple of folks have written to me wondering what’s up since I haven’t posted recently (thanks- nice that you care! 🙂  so I wanted to let everyone know that while life is pretty much the same as usual here, there are a few family things going on that have taken me away from the blog.  My middle daughter’s basketball team made it to the championships (and I’m team mom so that means lining up snacks, the end of the year coach gift, team posters, party, etc.) and won with a 13-0 record!  It’s parent -teacher conference time (minimum days) at school so less free time for mom and I’ve been helping out a friend with her business, as well as applying for 2 more local jobs and preparing my workshop for the local Children’s Museum.  And I’ve been invinted to write an essay for Salon.com’s Pinched column so I’m busy mulling over that as well as working on posts on saving money, things the poor shouldn’t do, pets in an RV, and other subjects!  One of these should post later this week – tomorrow is more day labor work, sweeping out a warehouse!