Many people have encouraged me to move my blog to a site that allows advertising in order to try to make some money from it. I like wordpress- the ease of it and the amount of detail and number of options they provide me in blogging. And I like the spare, elegant, non-commercial look of my blog. I began it not to make money but to express myself, provide an outlet for my thoughts on our situation, and connect in some way with other people. The donation link provides people who are genuinely moved to help a way to do so without crass commercialization and blatant ads obscuring the content.
But our situation has dragged on much longer than I anticipated and so many things – like job retraining or a bigger trailer or summer camp or new glasses or a root canal – are out of reach unless I can find some way (and yes, I’m applying right, left and center for available jobs, and no, I’m not quite ready to stand on the street corner with my most photogenic kid and a sign that says “Anything Helps, God Bless.”) to add to our income. So I am considering moving my boxcarkids blog to a site that allows ads. As someone who used to mute all commercials when watching TV, I’m not pleased to be thrusting ads on my readers but I hope if I move, many of you will continue to follow our adventures (or misadventures as they may be).